Back in May 2017, Argos announced its new Isle of Man delivery service. Residents were overjoyed at the thought of being able to easily order from their extensive product catalogue.

However, there was a catch.

The item had to weigh 30kg or less to be eligible for their delivery service.

And this is where Island Express can offer a solution.

If you want to order an item from Argos for Isle of Man delivery and you are unable to complete the transaction due to weight restrictions, why not ask us for a quote?

The process is really simple

  1. Choose the item (s) you would like from Argos
  2. Get the dimensions of the packaging and the weight of the item
  3. Contact the friendly team at Island Express either by telephone on 661000 or via our Facebook page or sales@islandexpress.co.im
  4. We will provide you with a quote for the item(s) to be delivered straight to your door
  5. f you're happy with our quote, place your order with Argos putting your name c/o Island Express, Unit B8A Heywood Distribution Park, Heywood, Lancs,OL10 2TS , 07624471163
  6. Your items will be transferred from Heywood to the Isle of Man by our team of reliable, professional drivers
  7. We will contact you once your item(s) has reached the Isle of Man and arrange the best time for us to deliver to your door

With over 30,000 products available on the Argos website, it's the ideal place for Christmas shopping or to buy home essentials, gifts or electricals all year round.

If your item falls under the 30kg weight limit then happy days! If not, give us a shout and we'll gladly provide you with a quote.

We have been operating a safe and efficient home delivery service for over 40 years and, as a result, we've gained an enviable local reputation when it comes to shipping to the Isle of Man.

Contact us for a quote or to speak with one of our delivery professionals for more information about our Argos delivery service to the Isle of Man.

30th October 2017