Halloween and Bonfire Night are over, which means the next big event in our calendars is Christmas.

The festive season is fast approaching and, according to the news and the updates from family and friends on Facebook, most people will have already started their Christmas shopping.

If you haven't, don't stress. The trend for online shopping makes it easy to catch up. So pour yourself a drink, settle by the fire and check out the great deals from your favourite online retailers.

Everybody loves a bargain, however, for Isle of Man residents shopping online can be frustrating when you get to the check out and see you don't qualify for free shipping as you're 'offshore' or you get hit by a large shipping surcharge for living on a tiny rock in the middle of the Irish Sea.

Or even worse, the message 'sorry, we don't ship to the Isle of Man' pops up once you enter your postcode and won't let you proceed any further after you've already spent HOURS deciding on the perfect gift for your Nan.

We feel your pain. Which is why we have come up with the perfect solution. Plus, it's so simple it will restore your faith in ordering Christmas presents online.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose the item (s) you would like from your supplier
  2. Get the dimensions of the packaging and the weight of the item
  3. Contact the friendly team at Island Express either by telephone on 661000 or via our Facebook page or
  4. We will provide you with a quote for the item(s) to be delivered straight to your door
  5. If you're happy with our quote, place your order with your supplier putting your name c/o Island Express, Unit B8A Heywood Distribution Park, Heywood, Lancs,OL10 2TS , 07624471163
  6. Your items will be transferred from Heywood to the Isle of Man by our team of reliable, professional drivers
  7. We will contact you once your item(s) has reached the Isle of Man and arrange the best time for us to deliver to your door

We know Christmas is an expensive time of year and that every little bit you save can make a huge difference. Our safe and efficient delivery service between the UK and Isle of Man helps take the stress out of Christmas shopping, giving you more choice of where to shop for gifts for your loved ones.

No matter how small the shipment, we're on hand to talk you through the process and offer our expert advice. Contact us for a quote or to get further information from one of our delivery professionals.

12th November 2017